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Laxapana Hydroelectric Power Complex
News & Events

Latest News related to technical, social and welfare activities and events of Laxapana Hydro Power Complex...........

Innovation Awards Ceremony 2019

Eng CGS Gunasekara, Deputy General Manager of Laxapana Complex receives an award at Innovation awards ceremony held on 01st of November 2019 in parallel to the ceremony held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ceylon Electricity Board. CEB pledges to offer a more efficient and effective service to its customers, as it places its seal of 50 successful years of enriching lives with power.( Code: PB3556499)

Medical Camp at Laxapana

A medical camp was organized by the Laxapana Complex DGM's office welfare society recently. Eng CGS Gunasekara DGM Laxapana Complex and the staff of the Laxapana Complex participated to make this event a success.( Code: PA2601375)

Brodland Project Tunnel break through

Breakthrough of the Main water Tunnel of the 35MW Broadlands Hydropower Project executed by CEB. Chairman of CEB Mr Rakitha Jayawardena, Dr Kamal Laksiri Project director and Eng CGS Gunasekara DGM Laxapana Complex among the delegates at the ceremony held on 6th June 2019 at the site.( Code: PB3446379)

50th Anniversary Celebration of Samanala Power station

A program to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Samanala power station Polpitiya has been arranged by the welfare society of the Samanala power staton at the power station premises on 16th May 2016. Samanala power station at Polpitiya has been commissioned on 18th May 1969 which has a higher contribution to the electricity generation. Annual generation of Samanala power station is around 400 GWh which has higher plant factor. Recent rehabilitation of the plant took place, unit 01 during 2016/2017 and unit 02 during 2018 upgrading the generating capacity to 45 MWs and the total capacity of the plant up to 90 MW. In addition to that power station building and the access road has been completely renovated creating a pleasant working environment for the employees. New library, vehicle park for employees and a canteen also ceremonially opened at the occasion. In parallel to the 50th anniversary program, monument made of parts of old generator and turbine was opened by Eng GLG Kariyawasam, AGM(Generation). New canteen and the library were opened by Eng Keerthi Karunaratna AGM(DD1) and Eng Bandula Thilakasena retired AGM respectively. Anniversary program was ceremonially started at around 10 am. Engineers who leaded the station in the past and several AGMs, DGMs, CEs and engineers representing, Laxapana Complex, Asset Management Branch, Generation Projects branch and Generation Protection branch participated for the event. Speakers who addressed the gathering appreciated the present status of the station. In the evening a pirith chanting program was held throughout the night with the participation of the employees of Samanala power station, Laxapana Complex, family members, well-wishers and villagers of the area. Photos ( Code: PG9176948)

Annual Pirith Ceremony at Saman Devalaya

Annual pirith ceremony organized by the Laxapana Complex at Moussakelle, Saman was held on 10th April 2019 at the Saman devala premises with the participation of Minister of Power & Energy and Business development Hon Ravi Karunanayaka, AGM(G), Mrs Eng Dammika Thilakasena, AGM(Projects) Mrs Eng Nilu Amarasiri and DGM(Laxapana Complex Eng CGS Gunasekara and the staff of Laxapana Complex power stations also participated. On the following day alm giving ceremony for Maha Sangha was took place. ( Code: PA1826505)

Painting of Chaitya at Bodhirukkaramaya Temple

Painting of Chaitya at Bodhirukkarama temple of Polpitiya was carried out by the welfare society of the Samanala power station. This was organized by the members of the welfare society to commemorate the 50 th anniversary of Samanala Power station. Engineer in charge of the station Eng Keerthi Samarasingha and the staff participated for the event.( Code: PG9637864)

Helping hand to cancer patients

A program was organized by the members of welfare society of the Deputy General Managers office Laxapana Complex on 02 March 2019 to help residential patients of cancer hospital Kandy. During the program in addition to almsgiving, providing medicine and sanitary items to patients to took place. Eng CGS Gunasekara DGM Laxapana Complex and the member of the society participated for the event. Director of the hospital Mr Mohan Samarakoon greatly appreciated and thanked the members of the welfare society for the effort towards strengthening the bond of huminity and extending the helping hand for the needy patients. ( Code: PE6220355)

Annual Pirith Chanting Ceremony at Laxapana Complex

Annual pirith chanting ceremony organized by civil branch of the Laxapana Complex was organized on 27th February 2019 at CEB Laxapana Complex conference room. All the employees with DGM and the villagers participated for the event. DGM specially mentioned that programs of this nature help to promote the social and religious corperation among the employees and villagers of the area. ( Code: PF7517661)

Farewell Party to Electrical Engineer Wimlasurendra

Eng Chinthaka Tilakaratna, who served in Wimlasurendra power station in Laxapana Complex aound a period of 9 years, transferred to Asset Management recently. A farewell party was organized by Laxapana Complex enginieer to appreciated his valuable service to Wimalasurendra power station as well as to Laxapana Complex during his tenure as engineer in charge Wimalasurendra power station. This event was held at Moussakelle circuit bunglow. DGM(laxapanana Complex), including the engineers of Laxapana Complex, engineers of Polpitiya rehabilitation project and engineers of Broadlands project took part in the event.( Code: PE6234259)

A Fundraising Car Wash

Car Wash Campaign was organized by welfare society of Laxapana Complex office for fund raising for the welfare activities carried out by the welfare society. This program was held at Dehiovita on 24th January 2019. Member of the society representing HR, Accounts, Mechanical , Civil and C&I participated for the event.( Code: PG9173845)

Canyon - Cricket tournament 2018

A cricket tournament was organized by the Canyon welfare society with the participation of member representing all sections, operation, electrical, civil, mechanical, security and office staff. The tournament was held at Ambagamuwa Maha Vidyalaya ground on 9th December 2018. This sort of tournament was held for the first time and hope continue in future. An exhibition match was played with the participation of DGM laxapana Complex with the staff of Canyon power station. Wining team with trophy with Eng Pubudu Ariyadasa, Electrical Engineer Canyon power station.( Code: PD5362690)

CEB 49th Anniversary Celebrations

49th anniversary of CEB was celebrated on 01st of November 2018 at the Laxapana Hydro Power Complex DGM’s office. Eng CGS Gunasekara, Deputy General Manager addressing the staff at the occasion.( Code: PF7777532)

Welfare Trip 2018 to Bambarakiriella and Reverstone

Welfare society of Laxapana DGM’s office organized an annual trip to Bambarakiriella and Reverston on 20th September 2018. Members of the welfare society, from accounts section, C&I section, civil section, HR section and mechanical section participated for the trip. Bambarakiri Ella Falls or Bambarakele Waterfall is a tall waterfall in Sri Lanka. Dropping down a sheer vertical rockface down a height of 263m (863 feet), Bambarakanda waterfall takes the position of the world’s 299th tallest waterfall. After turning away from the A4 Highway at Kalupahana Junction, the route to the waterfall is a nostalgic drive through the massive unchanging mountains and lush vegetation that marks the untouched areas of Sri Lanka. Many cool streams and tributaries of rivers run right underneath the road or within sight of the traveller. Not long after a passing a quaint little village known as the Weerakoon Village, an old Colonial era sign can be seen directing travellers to proceed on foot. The short walk after this sign is rather peaceful, being surrounded by nature, and the path also passes a small pretty bridge that lies over a stream that is perfect for a few photographs. After the bridge the path grows quite steep as it travels through the pine forest; and good boots or rubber soled shoes with a good grip are a necessity to avoid dangerous falls, as it is very slippery. After walking for a very short distance the base of the waterfall can be reached. The icy sprays of water and intense roar bring to home the majesticity of Mother Nature, as a visitor stares at the awe-inspiring sight of several hundreds of gallons of water come crashing down to earth at a terrifying rate. The rock pool at the base of the waterfall is safe for a dip during the dry summer, but may be dangerous otherwise. For those who crave more adventure, there exists a steep slippery climb of 5km, up rocks and mountain, to reach the top of the waterfall. The views of the landscape from the top is breathtaking and the cascading sprays of water photographed from the top with the light reflecting off them are even more more beautiful than ever. In addition, there is a special reward for those that make the effort of the climb; a cool and clean natural rock pool perfect for bathing, formed by the smaller falls that the tributory goes through right before the huge drop of Bambarakanda waterfall. It is a very popular waterfall visited by many tourists and holiday makers throughout the year. Travelling further on the same Matale – Girandurukotte road, rather windy with quite a few hairpins turns but in good condition, offers great views all around with a mini worlds end, lot less travelled by main stream tourists. Climatic conditions here are very similar to Horton plains. Travelling further upstream on this very scenic stream will no doubt will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. ( Code: PG9580849)

Awareness Program on ‘To be Happy and Effective at Your Work Place’

An awareness program was organized by the Deputy General Managers office of Laxapana Complex on 20th and 21st September 2018. The program was held at the newly renovated officer’s recreation club at building site Laxapana with the participation of all employees attached to Laxapana DGM’s office and all power stations coming under Laxapana Hydroelectric power Complex. The theme of the program was ‘To be Happy and Effective at Your Work Place’. Dr(Eng) Jayalath Edirisingha, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya was participated as the resource person and conducted the program. This was one of the programs conducted as a series of programs scheduled to be conduct in-order to educate, to motivate the employees, to develop corporation among sections, to create a good working environment and to achieve a higher productivity towards achieving our main goal. This series of programs were being conducted as a concept of Eng CGS Gunasekara, Deputy General Manager of Laxapana Complex. ( Code: PF7984004)

Celebration of Eng DJ Wimalasurendra day at Laxapana

A program was held on 17th September 2018 at DGM’s office at Laxapana Complex to commemorate the 134th birth anniversary of Late Engineer DJ Wimalasurendra, who pioneered the introduction of Hydro electricity to the country and considered as the “Father of hydro electricity” in Sri Lanka. Engineers and staff of the DGM”s office participated for the event.( Code: PC4727361)

Sramadhana campaign to clean Moussakelle reservoir

A Sramadhana campaign was held on 20th August 2018 to collect and clean the plastics and solid wastes floating on the Moussakelle reservoir. This program was organized by Ceylon Electricity Board, Canyon Power station, on the instructions of Deputy General Manager Laxapana Complex, Eng CGS Gunasekara and with the participation of Electrical engineer Canyon, Eng Pubudu Ariyadasa and Staff of Canyon power station. Navy unit of Moussakelle, staff of Nallathanniya police station, fisheries co-operative society of Maskeliya, Army unit Moussakelle, staff of environment unit of Maskeliya police station and STF unit of Moussakelle contributed to the program. Eng CGS Gunasekara mentioned that the importance of protecting this national property as a valuable resource which contributes to the generation of electricity as well as a source of drinking water for the down stream people and requested to protect this natural resource and national property. It has been reported by the electronic media that Moussakelle reservoir has been polluted by solid wastes dumped by the near by residents. Eng Pubudu Ariyadasa mentioned that these debris will be handed over to the Maskeliya Pradeshiya sabha recycling center.( Code: PD5711201)

Ministers visit to Moussakelle Dam

Moussakelle reservoir, one of the main reservoirs in Laxapana hydro power complex spilled on 13th Ausust 2018 after five years. Last time it had been spilled in 2013. Now the total generation of Laxapana complex has reached to 900 GWh, around 60% of the expected annual generation. Minister of power and renewable energy Hon Ranjith Siyambalapitiya visited Moussakelle dam after participating to a religious program at the Saman devalaya to invoke the blessing of God “Saman”, on 14th August 2018. Eng CGS Gunasekara, Deputy General Manager of Laxapana Hydro power complex, all engineers and executives of Laxapana complex participated for the occasion. ( Code: PB3636798)

Celebration of "Poson" festival in Laxapana

For the first time in history of Laxapana, a program (Poson kalapaya) for Poson Festival was held in June 2018 at the Laxapana building site. The program was organized by the members of welfare societies of Laxapana hydro power station and the members and the staff of Ceylon Electricity Board, Laxapana Complex, to celebrate poson Full Moon poya. The program consisting of beautiful Wesak lanterns made by different sections of the Laxapana Complex staff, pandals , Puppet show and Dansal for the whole week for serving foods for the visitors. ( Code: PE6534261)

'Pan Pooja" at Sri Maha Bodhi seeking rain this season - 2018

The annual 'Pan Pooja' ceremony organized by the Generation division Ceylon Electricity Board was held on 17th and 18th May 2018 at the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, Anuradhapura with the participation of Minister of Power and Energy to invoke blessings for bountiful rain this season to fill the hydro reservoirs ending the dry spell prevalent in the country. Twelve pots of water collected from the hydro reservoirs were brought in a special motorcade to the Ruwanweli Seya premises amid chanting of Seth Pirith by the Maha Sangha for offering at this Pooja. After exhibiting the pots of water at the Ruwanweli Seya they were brought and offered at the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi by devotees led by the Maha Sangha invoking blessings for rain this season. CEB Chairman, General Manager, Secretary, Addl.GM Generation and other DGMs, CEB officials were also present.( Code: PE6621992)

Tree planting program at Moussakelle

A tree planting program organized by Canyon power station, DGM Laxapana Complex and Transmission Design branch was held on 17th and 18th May 2018, at the Moussakelle Saman Devala premises and catchment area of Moussakelle reservoir, in order to protect the natural environment and water resources which helps to save water for power generation for the maskelioya cascade and to provide drinking water for the down stream users. Sri Lanka army and school children of the area also participated. Around 1000 plants inherent to the area was planted.( Code: PB3353870)

Program organized by Samanala Welfare Society

Eng SAK Samarasingha, station in charge Engineer and members of the welfare society of Samanala Power Station, contributes to the construction of “Sandahiru saaya” with relics of Lord Buddha in Anuradhapura, in a program organized by the welfare society to commemorate the 49th anniversary of Samanala power station and the war heros of Sri Lanka ………. සමනල විදුලි බලස්ථානයට වසර 49ක් පිරීම නිමිත්තෙන් සමනල සුභසාධක සන්ගමයේ සන්විධානයෙන්, යුද්ධයෙන් මියගිය රනවිරුවන් ඇතුලු සියලුදෙනා සිහිපත් කොට, ලොව්තුරා බුදුරජානන් වහන්සේගේ ධාතු තැන්පත්කොට අනුරාධපුරයේ ඉදි කෙරෙමින් පවතින සදහිරු සෑය ඉදිකිරීමට ශ්‍රම දායකත්වය ලබා දෙමින්..... ( Code: PA4709579)

New Year Celebrations at DGM's Office - 2018

Celebration of New year 2018 with staff of Laxapana DGM's office by Eng CGS Gunasekara Deputy General Manager Laxapana on 18th April 2018.( Code: PA2286078)

CSR Program Organized by Canyon Power Station

A corporate social responsibility (CSR) program including ,a tree planting program to protect the environment was conducted in Moussakelle Saman devala premises belongs to Ceylon Electricity Board, in parallel to the promotional program on tradition foods and medical clinic to serve the community of the area was organized by CEB (welfare society of Canyon Power station) in February 2018. The medical clinic was taken place at the Samanala Arana Pilgrims Rest for the people of the area with participation of doctors from the health ministry. Eng CGS Gunasekara, Deputy General Manager, Laxapana Complex, Eng Pubudu Ariyadasa Electrical Engineer Canyon, Dr (Mrs) Brdg Thamara Wickramasekara of Sri Lanka Army, Mr Chandraguptha Additional Secretary of Ministry of Indegenious Medicine and CO of Special Task Force (STF) of Moussakelle unit were the participants in the occasion.( Code: PB6083523)

Training Program at Moussakelle

A training program was arranged with the patronage of Sri Lanka, navy on 20th February 2018, to train driving of boats and related activities at Moussakelle reservoir. Trainees with Eng CGS Gunasekara, Deputy General Manager Laxapana, leftinent Dahanayaka of Sri Lanka Navy and Eng Pubudu Ariyadasa Electrical Engineer Canyon power station at the final day.( Code: PG9108356)

Polpitiya Tunnel Inspection and repair

Polpitiya tunnel, inspection and repair was commenced on 15th January 2018. The outage was taken after 47 years of operation of tunnel and Samanala power plants for the inspection and repair. Cleaning of sand traps, sand blasting and painting of penstocks, repairing of penstock guard valves are the main jobs planned to be attended. Members of the inspection team inspecting the tunnel during the inspection.( Code: PG9746556)

Fixing of SR gates to Castlereigh Dam

A discussion was held with Obermeryer Hydro Inc of Welinton, Colorado, USA for reviewing the technical drawings, manufacturing process and installation procedure of Self Regulating (SR) gates on Castlereigh dam crest as a replacement to the existing flash boards. A team of engineers consisting of electrical, mechanical, civil and control participated with DGM(LC) for the discussion, training and inspection.( Code: PD5051554)

New website for Laxapana Complex

A new website designed for Laxapana Hydroelectric power complex was launched on 01st January 2018 with dawn of new year. This website facilitate all screen sizes, traditional desktops to all mobile devices ranging from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and large screen televisions etc, using the latest state of the art web technologies. Upto date information on performance of Laxapana Hydro power Complex such as reservoir levels, current plant operational details, daily generation, annual generation and many more details can be accessed through this website.( Code: PE7048716)

CEB 48th Anniversary Celebrations

48th anniversary of CEB was celebrated on 01st of November 2017 at the Laxapana Hydro Power Complex office. Eng CGS Gunasekara, Deputy General Manager and Eng DMDB Dissanayaka Chief Mechanical Engineer hoisting the flags at the occasion.( Code: PC4714815)

New DGM assumes duty

Eng CGS Gunasekara assumes duties as Deputy General Manager Laxapana Complex on 18th July 2017.( Code: PE6505325)


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