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Laxapana Hydroelectric Power Complex
News & Events

Latest News related to technical, social and welfare activities and events of Laxapana Hydro Power Complex...........

'Pan Pooja" at Sri Maha Bodhi seeking rain this season - 2018

The annual 'Pan Pooja' ceremony organized by the Generation division Ceylon Electricity Board was held on 17th and 18th May 2018 at the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, Anuradhapura with the participation of Minister of Power and Energy to invoke blessings for bountiful rain this season to fill the hydro reservoirs ending the dry spell prevalent in the country. Twelve pots of water collected from the hydro reservoirs were brought in a special motorcade to the Ruwanweli Seya premises amid chanting of Seth Pirith by the Maha Sangha for offering at this Pooja. After exhibiting the pots of water at the Ruwanweli Seya they were brought and offered at the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi by devotees led by the Maha Sangha invoking blessings for rain this season. CEB Chairman, General Manager, Secretary, Addl.GM Generation and other DGMs, CEB officials were also present.( Code: PE6621992)

Tree planting program at Moussakelle

A tree planting program organized by Canyon power station, DGM Laxapana Complex and Transmission Design branch was held on 17th and 18th May 2018, at the Moussakelle Saman Devala premises and catchment area of Moussakelle reservoir, in order to protect the natural environment and water resources which helps to save water for power generation for the maskelioya cascade and to provide drinking water for the down stream users. Sri Lanka army and school children of the area also participated. Around 1000 plants inherent to the area was planted.( Code: PB3353870)

Program organized by Samanala Welfare Society

Eng SAK Samarasingha, station in charge Engineer and members of the welfare society of Samanala Power Station, contributes to the construction of “Sandahiru saaya” with relics of Lord Buddha in Anuradhapura, in a program organized by the welfare society to commemorate the 49th anniversary of Samanala power station and the war heros of Sri Lanka ………. සමනල විදුලි බලස්ථානයට වසර 49ක් පිරීම නිමිත්තෙන් සමනල සුභසාධක සන්ගමයේ සන්විධානයෙන්, යුද්ධයෙන් මියගිය රනවිරුවන් ඇතුලු සියලුදෙනා සිහිපත් කොට, ලොව්තුරා බුදුරජානන් වහන්සේගේ ධාතු තැන්පත්කොට අනුරාධපුරයේ ඉදි කෙරෙමින් පවතින සදහිරු සෑය ඉදිකිරීමට ශ්‍රම දායකත්වය ලබා දෙමින්..... ( Code: PA4709579)

New Year Celebrations at DGM's Office - 2018

Celebration of New year 2018 with staff of Laxapana DGM's office by Eng CGS Gunasekara Deputy General Manager Laxapana on 18th April 2018.( Code: PA2286078)

CSR Program Organized by Canyon Power Station

A corporate social responsibility (CSR) program including ,a tree planting program to protect the environment was conducted in Moussakelle Saman devala premises belongs to Ceylon Electricity Board, in parallel to the promotional program on tradition foods and medical clinic to serve the community of the area was organized by CEB (welfare society of Canyon Power station) in February 2018. The medical clinic was taken place at the Samanala Arana Pilgrims Rest for the people of the area with participation of doctors from the health ministry. Eng CGS Gunasekara, Deputy General Manager, Laxapana Complex, Eng Pubudu Ariyadasa Electrical Engineer Canyon, Dr (Mrs) Brdg Thamara Wickramasekara of Sri Lanka Army, Mr Chandraguptha Additional Secretary of Ministry of Indegenious Medicine and CO of Special Task Force (STF) of Moussakelle unit were the participants in the occasion.( Code: PB6083523)

Training Program at Moussakelle

A training program was arranged with the patronage of Sri Lanka, navy on 20th February 2018, to train driving of boats and related activities at Moussakelle reservoir. Trainees with Eng CGS Gunasekara, Deputy General Manager Laxapana, leftinent Dahanayaka of Sri Lanka Navy and Eng Pubudu Ariyadasa Electrical Engineer Canyon power station at the final day.( Code: PG9108356)

Polpitiya Tunnel Inspection and repair

Polpitiya tunnel, inspection and repair was commenced on 15th January 2018. The outage was taken after 47 years of operation of tunnel and Samanala power plants for the inspection and repair. Cleaning of sand traps, sand blasting and painting of penstocks, repairing of penstock guard valves are the main jobs planned to be attended. Members of the inspection team inspecting the tunnel during the inspection.( Code: PG9746556)

Fixing of SR gates to Castlereigh Dam

A discussion was held with Obermeryer Hydro Inc of Welinton, Colorado, USA for reviewing the technical drawings, manufacturing process and installation procedure of Self Regulating (SR) gates on Castlereigh dam crest as a replacement to the existing flash boards. A team of engineers consisting of electrical, mechanical, civil and control participated with DGM(LC) for the discussion, training and inspection.( Code: PD5051554)

New website for Laxapana Complex

A new website designed for Laxapana Hydroelectric power complex was launched on 01st January 2018 with dawn of new year. This website facilitate all screen sizes, traditional desktops to all mobile devices ranging from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and large screen televisions etc, using the latest state of the art web technologies. Upto date information on performance of Laxapana Hydro power Complex such as reservoir levels, current plant operational details, daily generation, annual generation and many more details can be accessed through this website.( Code: PE7048716)

CEB 48th Anniversary Celebrations

48th anniversary of CEB was celebrated on 01st of November 2017 at the Laxapana Hydro Power Complex office. Eng CGS Gunasekara, Deputy General Manager and Eng DMDB Dissanayaka Chief Mechanical Engineer hoisting the flags at the occasion.( Code: PC4714815)

New DGM assumes duty

Eng CGS Gunasekara assumes duties as Deputy General Manager Laxapana Complex on 18th July 2017.( Code: PE6505325)


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